// This is a DEMO (work in progress) created for charmles' I Can't Write game jam. //

Welcome to the Galesian Empire's Natural History museum. 

We have a new exhibit awaiting you.

Enter the world of GALA. 

Having been cut off from the intergalactic supply chain for many years, Gala is decrepit and mostly poor. However, unlike most cyberpunk landscapes, there is no sharp divide between the haves and have-nots on Gala, there are simply have-nots. Everyone who had anything jumped ship a long time ago. 

It is best viewed in full screen.

Story/Design: Celia (@celiawrite)

Art: ChiefFives (@ChiefFives)

Additional art:

Daniel Olah on Unsplash

GenreVisual Novel
TagsCyberpunk, Twine


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Loved the game! Really well-balanced dialogues where humour doesn't seem forced. All in all, this demo is wonderful! 

If it's not a spoiler, how old is the main character? 


Thanks so much for playing! The main character is supposed to be late 20s, but cybernetic enhancements/surgeries have messed with the concept of age a bit. 


SO GOOD :) i love how everything looks so much and the dialogue is super solid :)

ahh thanks so much!


Great game, it's amazing to see what you can do with simple programs like Twine!

thank you! & so true, twine can be super powerful