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It was interesting.

Note: When I hit "restart" after a game-over, I noticed that the playing field doesn't clear itself. Is the field suppose to clear itself after restarting?

I just love the vibe! The teddies are super cute and the music is really good!

Love the music and the mechanics of your game.  Spawn rate of the green urchins harassed me off the ledge XD

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Good work mate. Cheers:)

Pretty fun, but difficult! At one point, I managed to fall off the right side of the platform, so maybe you should make it where the player can't move past the right side of the screen. Or maybe that's just an extra challenge!

Oh wow, I hadn't managed to do that myself! Good catch! (Is it a bug or is it a feature? Haha) Thanks for playing!

Hey I did it too! Haha. It's like really early on when you start the game there's not much going on and you can make it there.

This game's hard but really fun. Cute characters, and the gameplay as simple as it is is really enjoyable. Smart twist on this week's theme !


Thanks for playing! It is difficult for sure. It was fun playing around with spawn rates to make it feel at least somewhat beatable.

Tough game, best I got was 35.

Thanks for playing! Here's a hint: space out the enemies from the two worlds as far as you can so you can walk between them and avoid them! 

52, still don't think I quite have the hang of it, but hey!

Since the game doesn't fully reset when you reset, I found myself refreshing the page so that it would clear the level.

Hard :-)

Thanks for playing! It is challenging for sure. There are tricks to get around the blue guys if you play with your timing switching between the two worlds!